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    Optimal Toy Accessories: Planing Strategies


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    Accessories: The Little Touches

    Little details will have a really big effect in this hobby, and there are thousands of doll house accessories that you can have. Accessories are the china in the kitchen, portraits for the walls, and the books in the bookcase. Not only will these little trinkets add a flare to your doll’s house, but it will make your friend’s dolls jealous. Also, accessories add that lived in touch. And don’t hold back, there are so many miniatures out there that there is no reason you cannot get exactly what you want.

    Fabrics and Cloth

    Dollhouses contain an enormous potential for miniaturists and hobbyists alike. The shear amount of detail can be both overwhelming and exiting. A great example is using linens to coordinate your dollhouse design, and make things pop. If you are looking for an example, or maybe a good starting point then I would recommend the bedroom. You can coordinate the sheets, mattresses, curtains, pillows, and even a throw blanket. Next is the dinning room where you can have your own napkins, dinning room table covers, seat covers, etc. After the dining room you go to the bathroom and do some his and her towels, or even a floor mat. Now I hope that you can see the unending possibilities that await your linens, cloths, and fabric designs.

    Using an Artists Color Wheel for your Benefit

    Interior design, for your own personal home, or for your dollhouse kit can be a matter of color choices. Everyone that has gone to high school art or taken any basic art school knows a little bit about the color wheel. The basis of the wheel is that some colors are similar to one another, and others have contrast. Opposing colors are the most different and offer attractiveness to the eye called contrast, colors touching each other are the most similar and can be accent colors that heighten, but dont distract from the feel. As a first step into the designing realm for yourself, I recommend that you defiantly read up on the color coordination material that is on the internet or any good book, as it will really help your style.

    Using Size to your Benefit for Design

    When setting up your dollhouse and buying furniture you will need to remember the three sizing constraints. Here are the sizing elements, there are three: Miniature scales, size of room dimensions, and comparative size. Miniature scaling refers to the fact that dolls and their furniture come in different sizing patterns. Meaning, you should check your dollhouse scale, if it is quarter inch you need quarter inch furniture. The second size element, sizing up the room, means that you are not getting furniture that will not fit in the room. Make sure that you measure your furniture room and are aware of the dimensions of the furniture that you buy. Finally, relative or comparative size is the size of the furniture in relation to other pieces in the set. Larger pieces will have more of a prominence so if you really want to make your china cabinet pop you shouldnt make the dining room table so elaborate.


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    Submitted by: Todd Herman

    Spray foam insulation has replaced usual building insulations including fiberglass. It is made up of two elements resin and isocyanate. These two elements are blended together using the modern techniques to produce foam sprayed onto concrete subs, roof tiles, wall cavities.

    There are two types of spray form. These include closed and open cell form insulation.

    Closed cell foam insulation

    It has denser foam compared to open cell. Its cell structure is more tiny and compact. It is an excellent water vapor and air blockade. We majorly employ Closed cell foam in outdoor and roofing application. However, we can use it for many applications at home.

    Open cell foam insulation

    This type of foam has small cell that are partially closed. It is cheap since we use fewer chemicals in making it. It offers a good blockade to air only but not water vapor. Has a spongy appearance. We employ open cell form insulation to core walls. It damps rock wall movements thus suppressing sound. It is not suitable for outdoor applications.


    YouTube Preview Image

    Spray foam insulation reduces your expenditure enabling you to increase your saving. According the research study carried out by the USA Department of energy, about 40% of energy at home is wasted through the doorways, windows and air holes in the walls. Structures insulated with foam sprays reduce the energy loss by 50% better than ordinary insulation materials.

    When we spray foam insulation into buildings, we keep away moisture. As a result, we eliminate mildew and mold growth. Hence, the probability of having moldy wood and allergy to mold spores at home is minimal.

    We also use spray foam to eliminate noise. Foam insulation provide blockade to airborne sounds thus stopping airborne sound to travel through walls, floors and roofs.


    Health effects

    Isocynates is a strong nuisance to the respiratory pathways, gastrointestinal and eyes. When it get contact with the skin in causes soreness.

    Over contact with isocyanates may cause you to develop an allergy and become more vulnerable to asthma attack. Irritation of respiratory tracks may develop to a chemical bronchitis.

    Isocynates can also cause pneumonitis (HP). The symptoms include fever, flu, headaches and aches in the muscles. In addition, chest tightness, dry cough and breathing complication may arise. Patients with persistent pneumonitis encounter increasing fatigue, difficulty in breathing, and loss of weight.

    Spray foam insulation become non-harmful after it has dried. During spraying, it emits a gas that suppresses breathing and causes fuzzy vision. Therefore, you should wear safety protection gadgets. Failing not to mix the elements in the right ration may lead to continuous release of toxic gases.

    Expansion destruction

    Expanding foams may exert a force in materials. As a result, they have destroyed walls and ceiling if not applied properly.

    Destruction to roof

    When applied underneath of the roof frames made of timber, it may cause severe structural troubles. Water reaching the timber structure will fail to drain away. As a result, the timber will inundate and decay.

    Environmental properties

    Foam insulation will reduce energy loss and seal air. In hot climate, insulation will save energy by eliminating the use of air conditioner.

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